Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And the Verdict is...

Well of course, even though it came to my attention at one point that my blog wasn't making it through some internet security filters because of this post. It is beyond me why so many people (other moms, especially!) see the need to sprinkle their writing with profanity. Here are some interesting observations on the subject.

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Dana said...

Mine squeaked by with a G-rating as well. But was flagged for the use of one word: missionary. Now why on earth would that be flagged, I wonder? Another blog I read got an R-rating. Because she deals with heavier topics, like alcohol and drug abuse while pregnant, I presume.

But I objected. I think the whole of the internet is a PG affair. There is nothing "G" about any of it. Following a link on any blog will eventually get you to where you would prefer not to be...and certainly wouldn't want your kids to be!