Monday, September 10, 2007

Back Home Again

I went back to Alabama this weekend for my cousin's wedding. It was a quick trip, down on Saturday and back on Sunday, and I wish I had another week there. I love driving the streets of my home town and seeing the sights that were so familiar when I was growing up: the rockets at the Space Center, just across from my neighborhood; Big Spring Park, downtown and across the street from the civic center where I performed in the Huntsville Youth Symphony; the big water tower which we watched them build one summer during long, hot hours on the marching band field; First Baptist Church with the bizarre painting of Jesus on the front, where I took piano lessons when I was 9; the pond at UAH (University of Alabama, Huntsville) where my grandparents took me to feed the ducks; the mall where my Gran worked at Castner-Knott's and where the two of us shopped to our heart's content with her employee discount; the church of Christ on Jordan Lane which I attended with Gran and Grandad on many Sundays. My favorite place may be Monte Sano mountain, which was always part of the background of my childhood scenery and on which my husband asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve, 1990. I love my home town.

Sarah's wedding was up on the mountain too, and it was gorgeous. My crazy family was a bunch of dancin' fools... this must be where Becca and Ben got the dancing gene. It was a wonderful time.

Three Generations: my mom, me and my daughter


Karen said...

I haven't been to Huntsville in several years. My sister and her family are all there. I do remember that funky Jesus mural, though. And I've even been by the church on Jordan lane. It was always amazing to me how many churches of Christ there could be in one town. My sister even has one right behind her house (Chapman Acres). When we would drive into town on the way to her house, there was one street that had at least 3 or 4 churches on it... probably in a stretch of less than 4 miles

janjanmom said...

The beauty runs in the family.