Monday, July 30, 2007

It Was For Real!

The Scholastic book offer was the real deal- Yippee! I not only received the new Harry Potter book on the day it was promised, but this weekend the t-shirt arrived in the mail (lucky recipient: John Mark) and my $50 coupon to the Scholastic Store came tonight. I've been on a shopping spree! I purchased:

along with some Magic Schoolbus and I Spy Easy Readers for my little guys. I'm still gloating about my good fortune... can you tell?

I've been on a bargain book binge lately. Last week I went to the library book sale where I made some good finds, and managed to get sore thighs in the process. You couldn't have made me do squats in the gym, but I'll do it at a book sale. In case you can't fathom how one could get sore thighs at a book sale, here's how: with a bag of heavy books in both hands, look on top of table, inch forward, squat to see what's under the table, up again to see what's on top, inch forward, down again... around an entire gymnasium. I could barely walk the next day. Then, when we went to Indianapolis to pick up the kids (more on that next post) I stopped in Half Price Books and found some goodies on the clearance shelf. Love a good book, and speaking of, the final Harry Potter came through for me. I was becoming progressively more annoyed with JK, but she redeemed herself in the end. More on the summer reading later!

(And while we're at it, if you love a good magazine, you'll be interested in Robin's contest in honor of her 100th post! Thanks, Karen!)

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