Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So It Begins

The first day of co-op went well. The kids were all highly excited for the co-op to begin again, but this year, older and wiser. They knew that the best day is the first day and from here on out... homework. Such is life.

It's been a frantic few days since picking them up from Indiana this weekend. Uncle Mike and Aunt Laurie kept them for an entire week last week and they had a ball playing with their cousin, aunts and uncles and grandparents at the zoo, the water park, the children's museum, the park... Nathanael even got to conduct the Greenwood Community Concert Band and Philip won a big trophy in a limbo contest!

While they were gone, John and I used our "vacation" to stay home and enjoy the quiet. Ahhh, peace. The house stayed nice and clean all week long. And quiet! We went on a cheeseburger binge; spent a day at the lake on a pontoon boat (John fished, I read the new Harry Potter book); stayed out late at night; saw four movies (Transformers, Harry Potter, Die Hard and Hairspray), and lollygagged in bed. It was fabulous.

Now they are home again and I am happy to have my babies back, but I am having a hard time adapting again to the messier State of Being that five kids entails. Sigh. This week, the school train begins moving down the track again, first with co-op, then over the next month, slowly picking up all the other activities we do during the schoolyear. So it begins.


~ Stephanie. said...

Lollygagged? Is that what we're calling it these days?!? Hmmm . . .

janjanmom said...

Sounds delightful!! Maybe we should move farther away from family, it seems to have some pretty cool perks!!

I am glad you got a week of "lollygagging" although probably not as happy as John. ( ; Aren't you glad you can count on your church family to change your blog rating. We aim to please.

Lisa said...

The term "lollygagging" reminded me of a phrase John used so many Sunday nights ago ... I believe his phrase was "we had an unproductive afternoon".

Always good to read and keep "in touch" with you. Sunday night "singings", as well as all of the people who attended, hold a special place in our hearts.