Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Unusual Occurrence

A funny thing happened today. I received a phone call from a lady who said she was from Scholastic. She was calling because I recently placed a book order for the new Harry Potter book from ($17.99 plus free shipping). The book is supposed to arrive "on or around" July 21, but apparently, Deep Discount really screwed up and mailed the books out way too soon and this lady was calling to find out a) if I had already received the book (I hadn't) and b) if I did receive it early, would I please wait until midnight on July 21 to begin reading the book? It was a peculiar call, but I think it was authentic. I received a notice from Deep Discount yesterday that the book had shipped and I thought, "Wow... they must use a really slow shipping method..." I assured the lady that I was a 38-year-old mom, not a crazed Harry Potter fan, and she didn't need to worry about me spilling the beans. She said Scholastic was giving $50 gift certificates and a free Harry Potter t-shirt to people like me to thank us for our restraint. Well, for a $50 gift certificate to the Scholastic Store, they can have the book back! I didn't have to give her any information; she already had my email and address that she had received from Deep Discount. So we'll see what happens here. But it's all very interesting, wouldn't you agree?


Karen said...

Well dang... I'm wishing I had ordered through them rather than Amazon now! Oh well, free shipping and guaranteed release date delivery is better than nothing I guess.

summer said...

how sweet. though that yard sale almost killed us both, i will always hold fond memories of those days spent together selling and bonding. the family grill out afterwards was the best part. i really wish we could have had more time before we had to move to grow our relationship. it was taking off so nicley about that time!! i'm glad you have that clock!!

The Tour Marm said...

See what happens when one leaves important matters to Muggles?

Cornelius Fudge should have been contacted immediately b y Deep Discount and several charms could have been used i.e. The Fidelius Charm

“Fidelis” is Latin for “faithful friends”.

It is a complex charm that allows someone or something to be hidden away, often times in plain sight, for an indefinite period of time. The location of the hidden people or items is a secret known only to one person, the Secret-Keeper, and the information is stored within their very soul. The Secret-Keeper is the only one with the power to divulge the secret. The information remains undisclosed until said time when the Secret-Keeper decides to reveal it; not even those who have been told the secret information can reveal what they know. However, the Secret-Keeper does not have to directly speak with someone to tell him or her the secret, the information can be disclosed in a letter as long as the Secret-Keeper is the one who wrote it.

This would have saved so much money on phone calls!

However, a tee shirt is a nice thing to have - unless it has been enchanted.

The Tour Marm said...

Thanks for the 'head-up'!

I called my nephew the computer geek and I think he has figured it out.

Please let me know if he has actually pulled it off!

The Tour Marm said...

Thanks Sandy for sticking with me.
I have no idea of what I was doing when I was fiddling around, but I guess it worked. (My nephew, the geek, gave up. He's accustomed to loftier IT problems!)

How's Harry Potter coming along?