Friday, February 09, 2007


The gerbils that turn the wheel of my brain will be running on overdrive the next few days and since I have to conserve brainpower for really important decisions like "chocolate or strawberry" and "do I wear these sweatpants for a third time or do I give in and do some laundry", I have to take a blogging break. The kids have their 4-H demonstration competition on Tuesday night, and this is the least prepared we've ever been (in part because we've been sick non-stop in this house for the last 6 weeks- Ugh!) But on the bright side, when I come up for air again, I'll know more than I ever wanted to know about polymers and the inner workings of my computer (is that a bright side?)

Anyway, in attempt to redeem my blog for the day, I'll share some links we've been using and which the budding science geeks in your family might also enjoy. This first one is a great website for kids all about (you guessed it!) polymers. A professor at the University of Southern Mississippi has created the polymer science learning center and has really done a great job with it. It's a large site, with information, activities and experiments for all ages from elementary school up through college. This second link, "What's Inside a Computer?" is a great starting point if your kids are interested in computer "innards", as we say in the south. It has three different levels of complexity so you can choose a level that suits your child's understanding. Great photos too!

And now, as my oh-so-hip high school students would say, "C U l8er"!

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