Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodbye, February!

The month is almost over- YES!! Pretty much everything that had to get done got done and we made it through all the various activities (and some were even fun!) But it is very stressful to have so many end-to-end events and I am very glad the month is over.

We had a good time at the 4-H Volunteer Forum in Lexington. Sometimes conventions aren't so great, but both John and I came back with useful information. I built a birdfeeder ALL BY MYSELF and I used a power drill for the first time in my life! I debated over going to the "Build A Birdhouse" Workshop, since it seemed there were so many more "important" workshops, but John said he couldn't imagine anything more outside my comfort zone. So I went, and it was FUN! John is looking into forming a Lego Robtics team and possibly applying for a GPS/GIS (Global Positiong System/Global Information System) grant for our club. This is cutting edge technology, so it would be really cool for the kids to have access to this new software. It could open lots of doors for them in the future. We also went to see my grandmother, who recently moved to an assisted living apartment near Lexington. She was thrilled to show us off to her friends and show her new home off to us. We also managed to get away for a little "together" time, and it was not at the Nine Inch Nails concert, which was at Rupp Arena (adjacent to our hotel). Very strange crowd there.

4-H meeting today was fun. The kids had auditions for this year's Variety Show, a spoof of the Beverly Hillbillies (which most of them have never seen!) John Mark is Jed Clampett. I am very thankful not to have any sort of supervisory role in the Variety Show.

We had Praise Team rehearsal yesterday, followed by the monthly Praise & Worship. Wayne taught the congregation "Let Us Be You" off the new Zoe CD and a song called "Holiness" (recorded by Hallal) to go with the "Holy" theme the shepherds chose for this year. Afterwards, Greg & Stephanie, Andy & Randi and our family went to Wayne & Kelly's for a potluck supper. Lots of fun.

No more big events this week- YIPPEEE!


Karen said...

I totally love "Let Us Be You." I'm hoping we work it up soon, too.

Ryan and Lesli said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! Glad the down slope is on its way!

We'll see you all at the beginning of April! We're coming in for my birthday & I'm staying for the following week to hang out. Can't wait!