Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Birthday John!

I'm back. I took an unplanned blogging break to celebrate the end of February. Actually, I had a nice long post typed up and was doing the final edit when the window inexplicably closed on me. ARRRRRRGH!!!!! I suppose the frustration of it did me in.

But all in all, it was a fairly normal week. Getting schoolwork done, co-op, Awana, piano, chorus, church, etc. Rebecca had a cold that laid her out for a couple of days, but she's fine now. John cleaned his garage, so you can walk, rather than climb, across it.

Friday was John's birthday. He's 38 now! We went to Tribeca to celebrate. I am better with him getting older than I am with me getting older. Men seem to age with more dignity than women somehow. Many of them seem to improve with age- and get better looking to boot! (I've heard way too many women drool over Sean Connery and Mel Gibson for anyone to dispute this one. Mr. Connery is ancient! But still a sex symbol. Go figure.) So John has improved with age too (and he was pretty good to start with!) The kids baked him a "surprise" birthday cake on Saturday. John Mark did most of the work and made a delicious cake. Becca gave up on putting 38 candles on the cake and made a three and an eight out of the candles instead.

Tonight is the children's consignment sale, a sure harbinger of spring! I love a good sale. And it isn't really a sale until it's at least 50% off. I went to Kohl's and the mall on Saturday and found some great deals on the 75% off clearance racks, but it only whetted my apetite for garage sale season. Come, warm weather, come! It has become very difficult to find clothes for Rebecca now. She is getting too big for most of the clothes in the children's department, but the Junior department is scary! Yikes! I cannot let my 11 year old dress like that, even if she wanted to. (so far, she's not interested... she is very particular about how much skin shows. Hope it lasts!)

We purchased the new "Pride and Prejudice" that was just released on video and watched it last night. They did a fabulous job with it. I purchase a couple of "grown up" DVDs a year, but the kid videos still outnumber ours about 50 to 1. This past Christmas I gave John the extended LOTR triliogy with all the special additional features and for what that cost, we probably shouldn't watch anything else for three years or so.

John Mark just walked into the room to take a phone call. I think it's a girl because he's trying to get off the phone. (How long will that last?) He is reading "Little Women" for a history assignment this month. He balked when he saw the size of the book, but he just told me, "This book is pretty good." High praise from a 12-year-old boy reading a "girls" book! (And I was right- the call was from a girl. It lasted less than a minute and a half.)

So there's all my Monday life-trivia. Life is good.


Ryan and Lesli said...

Wow! How in the world do you do it all? I can only imagine that when you finally hit the bed at night you sleep well! :-) Glad to hear that things are going well.

Ryan and Lesli said...


summer said...

i'm glad you and john had a wonderful get away even if it was to a conference. time alone is time alone no matter where it is, huh!!!tell john happy birthday. i agree. i can handle getting older much more easily than i can my self! i'm glad becca is feeling better. we've been down one by one with some sort of end of winter/ beginning of spring stuff too. take care.
love you,