Thursday, February 23, 2006

Another Birthday!

Yesterday was Philip's birthday... nine years old! We had cake and ice cream at co-op, and Dad came for the party! When Philip was a baby, I called him "Philip Sunshine". He was such a happy baby and he just exuded personality. He is a funny kid now and an entertaining conversationalist. He is glad to be a year older. Remember those days?
The countdown to the End of February is on! This month keeps going on and on and on... We were supposed to already have piano graduation out of the way, but it got snowed out and it was tonight. We were supposed to have the 4-H meeting out of the way, but it got snowed out and it is next Monday. John and I leave for the 4-H Volunteer Forum in Lexington early tomorrow morning and will be back late, late Saturday night. A friend from church is staying with the kids. It's so rare to get off together overnight that it's a shame the weekend will be a frenzy of 4-H workshops... but still, we're hoping to have some good "together" time. Our whole family is a lot happier when mom and dad manage to stay on the same page, so it's kind of a paradox that when life gets busiest, we have make more time together. The Dating Paradox.

In light of that, we had a date together last night- on a Wednesday night, of all nights! We went to dinner and to see 42nd Street. Lots of fun! Wednesday night is not my preferred date night, and of course, there are still those in our church who are certain that skipping Wednesday night service will get you on the express train to you-know-where. (Clearly, I do not share this opinion.) But John and I decided that it was a shame that these great shows were now coming to the new concert hall in our city and we never made time to go. So we're going to start going when we can. This made TWO big dates within the span of two weeks, which is almost unheard of for us! And it was fun.
The kids did great with their piano performances at their graduation concert. The snow cancellation gave Philip a chance to refine his solo. Becca knew hers well, but she does not play as well under pressure. They played an ensemble piece with the rest of their class and they each played a solo from their book and an original composition. Becca's composition was called "Jumping Faster, Jumping Higher". And it went faster and faster and faster! Philip named his composition "Skipadoodle"- a very appropriate title. The class also transposed another ensemble piece into several different keys; they are learning things I did not learn until college. Overall, it was really cute and they (and I!) are glad it's over!

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summer said...

i know you are so proud of them. you are doing such a good job. thank you for being a wonderful mother and example for the rest of us!!!