Friday, April 04, 2008


I am in a blog funk... no, I'm in a whole-life funk right now. I think it's the rain. Someone even wrote me sweet poetry in an attempt to entice me out of my blog funk, but I really and truly need sunshine. And a good yard sale. And for this school year to be over. And for our taxes to be done. And for the tile to not be coming off the wall in two bathrooms. And for the new PS3 to spontaneously implode (but the beautiful new entertainment cabinet can stay- TV totally optional).

Now aren't you thankful that I haven't been blogging lately? I'll see ya'll when the sun comes back out.


janjanmom said...

YAH!!! A post. I can handle it, even on bad mood days. I hope you enjoy the glorious day today!!

~ Stephanie. said...

I'm with Janice - in blogworld "no news is NOT good news!" We need details, even if they are "funky". Today is Sunday . . . let the sunshine in!

thruchildeyes said...

We're here for the good days and the bad. I do hope the pieces of your life fall back in place soon!