Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness

We had March Madness in our home this weekend, and there was no basketball involved. I'm not quite sure how it all happened, because March is usually a relatively laid back month for us- a welcome relief after the February Frenzy. But somehow, several big things ended up on the same weekend, and I spent today in a kind of recovery daze. Our weekend in a nutshell:

  • Made and delivered dinner for a family at church. For most people, this may not be a big deal. I stress about it though, so I was most gratified when the family called wanting my recipes for the main dish and the rice. I told her I would be happy to give her my recipe for the Mexican Lasagna, but... the rice was Rice-a-Roni! Caught red-handed.
  • Harassed kids into cleaning their rooms and bathrooms. John Mark pointed out that the tile in his shower is about to collapse onto the floor. Sigh.
  • Packed and delivered two kids to church for overnight youth trip
  • John climbed on the roof before the rain came again to seal the area around the vent, where rain has been coming in and leaking through Rebecca's ceiling
  • Finished tagging items for consignment sale
  • Helped Child #3 prepare for 4-H area speaking competition

  • Took Child #3 (and Child #4 went along for the ride) to 4-H Area speaking competition, in a county far, far away. It was a successful venture, if not a short drive.
  • Returned home in time to take items to consignment sale
  • Cleaned house and cooked for "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" that night
  • While I was driving Third Child to competition, John and Nathanael borrowed a trailer and picked up our new entertainment cabinet for the monster TV my parents gave us for Christmas. (Oh, he loves that TV!) Getting the thing inside our house was quite an ordeal, and we probably couldn't have managed it if our neighbor across the street hadn't noticed our distress and offered the use of a refrigerator dolly. Guest couple #1 arrived 40 minutes early, in time to find us struggling to get the thing out of the box in the living room. They got to help us finish unpacking it, moving it, and then vacuuming styrofoam off the carpet. I bet they're never early again. The kids could not believe that we had purchased a piece of furniture that came pre-assembled :-). I love my new cabinet, but unfortunately, it shows up everything else in the room. This might just be my ticket to some more new furniture, compliments of President Bush. Sometimes it literally pays to have five kids!
  • After guests left, John remembered to reattach the handrail on the stairs, which Philip had broken off the week before during some sort of a flying leap. Better late than never.
  • Praise Team and church on Sunday morning, and then, since we somehow had managed to pick up an extra child on Saturday night, we took her back to her people
  • Becca and I shopped at the consignment worker's sale
  • We returned home in time to head to CARE group, which also happened to be in the county far, far away. Sundays are long days when there is no nap involved.
Somewhere along the way, I'm going to get that nap.


Maude said...

Wow! That wore me out just reading about it!
"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" sounds intriguing. Do you not know who's coming until they show up?

Sandy said...

I knew who was coming because a friend and I organized the event, but it's supposed to be as much of a surprise as possible. We tell the hostesses ahead of time who is assigned to them so they can contact their guests with directions, what to bring, etc., but if you're a guest, it's supposed to be a total surprise until you arrive. We barely knew our first guests, making the furniture fiasco even more embarrassing- oops, I mean fun!

Maude said...

Neat idea! Of course, I'm such an introvert, I'd be pretty nervous showing up on a stranger's doorstep. I'm a wimp :)

thruchildeyes said...

You're a busy woman! Hope you found consignment deals that make it work the effort!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is madness! Hope you found good consignment deals too!

janjanmom said...

Sandy, Come Back!

I have a friend named Sandy.
Her blog is really dandy.

Her writing is top-notch,
Especially about spring!
Reading it and seeing pics,
Will make your heart sing!

Lately though she's missing.
All her blog friends she's dissing.

So I thought if I,
Took the time,
To write a rhyme,
She might the blog again try!