Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WFMW: The Untwisted Edition

So this week at Works For Me Wednesday, Shannon's bright idea was to ask everyone else for tips on solving our latest quandaries and conundrums. Oh where to begin...
Actually, if I could just get a good answer to this simple question, it would make my day! Here's my query:
I have a closet full of broomstick (twist) skirts. I like them because they are pretty, comfortable, they're easy to mix n' match, and they hide a multitude of figure flaws. At least, I hope they do... Anyhoo, here's the problem: eventually they must be washed, and if I want them to look pretty again, they have to be twisted. I suppose I must have exceptionally poor twist technique, because my skirts come out looking like a mangled mess in spite of my most careful efforts. Oh laundry divas of the internet, please tell me what I am doing wrong and I will be forever grateful!


Ribbon Rock Star said...

It took me awhile to get the hang of it.

After I wash mine, I take the whole skirt and twist it (Kind of like you are wringing out a towel)
then I place the skirt on top of my dryer and allow it to dry on it's own. When it is dry just unravel it and kind of tug on it a little. It will be good and wrinkly!

(If you don't want the top part wrinkly just twist the bottom and place something on top so it does not come unraveled drying)

Hopefully I explained that right.


jen said...

I used to have a couple that I would twist until they actually double back on themselves, so the skirt is actually folded in half (but twisted). Then, like RRS, I would leave it on my dryer to dry. :)

LeapingLizard said...

I inherited a Navaho rick-racked cotton circle skirt and top from my aunt. She taught me a great way to make and keep nice wrinkles in the skirt. Wrap or twist-crinkle the damp skirt and then slip a leg of panty hose (she used a nylon stocking) down over the entire length of the skirt, making a long sausage. Take it out, shake, and rewrap occasionally until dry, and then store the skirt inside the stocking to keep the crinkles nice. Slip the little hanging loops inside the waistband over a hanger neck (I've got four skirt "sausages" on one hanger in my closet).