Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's All Downhill From Here...

or so Becca reminded John in the birthday letter she wrote him yesterday. I think he had a good birthday. After he bought himself a PS3 last week- after discovering that Blu-ray had won out over HD DVD- I figured there wasn't anything I could possibly buy him that he couldn't buy himself. Instead, I called some of his good friends that he hasn't spoken with in many years, and they each called him over the weekend to offer birthday congratulations and harassment. We had a fun family dinner with a cake which John Mark baked and Becca decorated, and later this week, John and I will go out together to celebrate. The boys made him funny cards and Becca wrote a letter giving her father "points" for various things, all of which added to 40 (of course). Here are some of the points she awarded him:

  • Slightly humorous at times
  • Although you’re protective, you give me enough room to breathe
  • You think positive: when someone falls down, you say “If you can still walk, you’re okay” when someone cuts their arm, you say “You’re not going to die” and so on
  • You introduced me to my best friend – Jesus
  • And you are not as embarrassing as some of the other parents I know
  • You are always there to protect us, and I give you three points for that.
  • I love that you forgive quickly when we make mistakes, and you ask for forgiveness when you do
  • I give you one point for being mine
  • And the last is for the hug you owe me for this letter
The whole thing had us rolling on the floor- funny girl! The kids love their dad. We are blessed to have him.

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