Friday, November 16, 2007

Seder Preperations

The Haggadah (the "program" for the Seder) is written, printed, copied, folded and stapled
Kids (mostly) know their lines for the Passover Play
Tables are set
Church hall is decorated
Gefilte fish are in the fridge
Photographer is engaged (thanks, Stephanie!)
Two Egyptian costumes are made
Six Biblical costumes are laid out on the couch

Our homeschool co-op Passover Celebration (seder) is tonight. I know it's not the "right" time of year, but we just studied Egypt, and well, you know those crazy homeschoolers... Anyway, this production has been an enormous amount of work, and definitely much more work on my end than our normal end-of-semester celebrations. John joked, "Seders sure are a lot of work! Haggadah do this, haggadah do that, haggadah go here, haggadah go there...." We shared a much-needed laugh together. He has been practicing blowing his shofar every morning at the top of the stairs to call the kids out of bed. It sounds awful, but believe it or not, he has improved! I told him this was not the right holiday for this, but John does not care- he is determined to have the shofar. I am worn out, but I believe we are as ready as we are going to get. Now I'm off to do the last thing on my list before the craziness begins... take a nap!


janjanmom said...

IT was a lot of work, especially for you. A hearty THANK YOU!!

It was fun and definitely a cool memory for all involved.

~ Stephanie. said...

engaged? to whom? is he cute? doggone it . . . I'm married.

The pictures are pretty decent, considering the darkness of the room (except for 4 or 5 where I had something partially over the lens and made a blur). Oh well, not too big a deal!