Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Love November

I love November.

I love the lingering bright gold days of autumn, when the trees display their stained-glass leaves against a crystal blue sky.

I love the cool gray days when a mist hangs in the air, making our average neighborhood blend into a collage of color as beautiful as a Monet painting.

I love the blustery days that are a precursor of winter days to come, and I love the crisp nights when the moonlight shines cold and clear upon the barren fields across the road from our home.

I love the festive grocery displays of nuts, spices, powdered chocolate, almond bark, and candy sprinkles. It's the only time of year that actually inspires me to want to cook.

I love the anticipation of the holidays, the calm before the chaos.

I love holiday travel, with hugs and kisses waiting at the end of the road.

I love special times with family and friends centered around an all-day eating frenzy with all of our favorite dishes, and then catching up on the year's events together in sated contentment while the guys yell at the football game in the front room.

I love November.


Lesli said...

Thanks, Sandy! It's funny how much she loves that little doll!! She hugs & kisses it & squeals at times at it. It's cute. Anyway, I'm glad she got to spend the weekend with them. I'm sure they all had fun. Hope you had a good weekend, too!!

~ Stephanie. said...

Ditto to your sentiment. Autumn is my favorite time of the year (reference my blog post from a couple of weeks ago.) I especially appreciate the "calm before the storm!"