Friday, August 31, 2007

Ant Invasion

We've been invaded by ants. The vegetation outside is brown and dying from lack of water and the ants are desperate. They've been streaming into our kitchen, first around the kitchen window, and then straight on in through the front door. The kids eagerly accepted this challenge to their domain, and their attempts at ant-catching have become increasingly more creative. They began by stopping the ant holes with play dough, then graduated to spreading glue on kitchen floor so the ants would "get stuck in it as they came in," as they later explained. Dad was not happy, in spite of the good intentions. A later attempt at ant-catching involved helium balloons with Cheerios as bait: Fortunately, Dad stepped in with the Real Deal Ant Killer before the ants rebelled and carted off one of my kids. You'll be happy to know that we are now the happy owners of an ant-free home... for now!
The Ant Catchers

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