Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: The Price of Beauty

(And yes, she says her new pink rhinestone earrings were worth it! )

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Rayne said...

Great capture! Perfect for a scrapbook.

SingForHim 94 @ Real Life said...

Oh, the agony! I know she looks beautiful, though!

Nicki Mann said...

I STILL haven't gotten my ears pierced... I don't think I could deal with it... but seems like its always an exciting moment for a girl!

Amy Grant said...

That is priceless!!

The Tour Marm said...

The photo is priceless!

When I had mine done, at my mother's insistance(!), the elderly jeweler sprayed something on my ears, freezing them, and then he literally 'stapled' my earrings (14K gold studs)!

It took about a minute and a half to do everything, and I only felt the cold.

They were centered perfectly!

I haven't had a bit of trouble after forty years!


Anonymous said...

Dont worry, she.ll eventually want another set of holes pierced, just wait and see,

Take care