Friday, June 29, 2007

My wallpaper is here!! Because I needed one more thing to do, right?

Our house was built in the late 60's, with impossible-to-decorate 60's tile bathrooms. The tile couldn't be a nice neutral color like white or beige, or even a nice blue... the hall bath has light green tile and the master bath has yellow tile. Yeah, I know- it could be worse. The previous owners put black paper with green ivy in the hall bath and navy floral paper with yellow and pink roses in the master bath. When we moved in, I thought I could live with it and maybe even learn to like it. Wishful thinking! That navy paper grated on me until I just COULDN'T TAKE IT anymore! Since a complete bath remodel is still a distant dream, I did the next best thing and chose new wallpaper, which was still no easy task since green and yellow are not exactly decorator choices today. So here's what I finally chose:

Light Blue for the master bath
and "crackled" beige with ivy for the green bath. This way I can keep the ivy shower curtain, bath rugs, etc that are already in there. So this is my project for the week (and isn't it lucky that my mom is here this week? :-) )

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