Monday, June 04, 2007

Home Again

We're back, and happy to be home. It was a good vacation... low-key and lots of "down-time"- my kind of vacation! Here's the Rest-of-the-week recap:

On Tuesday, John came in from work early and we all went to the Museum of Natural Science. It was an ok museum, more for the older kids than the younger ones. They had several enormous dinosaurs that really impressed the little guys though, as well as a real mummy and a neat area all about King Tut.

Wednesday, we did... um... nothing! It was wonderful! We stayed at a Residence Inn with two bedrooms, a full kitchen and a living area with a fold-out couch, so we stocked up on lunch stuff and snacks. We played in the pool, ate lunch, took naps, played in the pool some more... like I said, my kind of vacation. Oh wait- actually, we did do something... on the way to NASA on Monday, I noticed that Clear Lake had an enormous Half-Price Books store. John's sister-in-law Laurie introduced me to Half-Price Books in Indianapolis last Christmas, and this store was three times the size of the one in Indianapolis- too tempting to pass up. John Mark and I found several books and sheet music on the clearance carts for $1 or less and I found a number of the literature books the kids needed for next year for under $2 each. I would gladly trade in our Books-a-Million for this place, but I suppose it wouldn't be the same. This is a city where a huge Barnes and Noble sits right across the street from a huge Borders. My kind of city (minus all the traffic!)

On Thursday, the kids and I headed downtown again to go to the Health Museum and the Children's Museum, both of which were WAY better than the Museum of Natural Science. Honestly, I had low expectations for the Health Museum, but it was great! It had super exhibits and was very kid-friendly. The Children's Museum was one of the best I've ever been to. JM and Becca said they like the one in Indianapolis better, but this one was definitely geared to my youngest three. It had huge areas for building different structures; creating inventions like lego cars or paper rockets and then testing them on special equipment; a "farmer's market" with a cow to "milk" (this cow had water); a replica of a city in Mexico to explore; and a large area full of art supplies so kids can paint to their heart's content. There was even a fountain outside and the kids were supposed to walk on it. I just sat back and let the kids play until it was time to meet John for dinner at Gringo's.

Friday afternoon, I took the kids to see "Fire Dog" at the dollar show- pretty good movie for a kids' movie- and that night we went to Kemah and ate in the courtyard at T-Bone Tom's, where we listened to live music. The kids were mortified that John and I sang along to all the songs. How can you not sing along to Jimmy Buffet? We walked over to the boardwalk to watch the fireworks and then the kids played in the sidewalk fountains until we all dragged ourselves back to the hotel to collapse.

It wasn't much of a vacation for John, but the kids liked seeing where he works and all the places he goes when he's away from us. He's home this week and returns to Texas next week. In the meantime, he's put up the pool again, and I'm working on lesson plans for next year. John Mark and Becca are working at VBS every night this week, and on Saturday, they both leave for camp. Back to real life!


Lisa said...

I'm with the kids on the Indianapolis Children's Museum - it is the very best! I'm sure the one in Houston came close though :)
I'm with you on singing Buffett tunes - how could you not ?

We would love for your kids to come to camp with us in Greensburg if you could ever swing it !

~ Stephanie. said...

"wastin' away again in . . . " Half-Price Books! Looks and sounds like you had a great time, but we missed you around here! Glad you're home!

Lesli said...

I'm glad you all had so much fun! I love tag-along trips! Reading this makes me hope we get one soon!! Although, I'm sure having children who don't need diapering or a bottle are more fun to vacation with than a baby who likes her own crib! Glad you got to make this memory!