Monday, May 28, 2007

Howdy From Houston

We're havin' fun in the great land of Texas. We arrived on Saturday and headed toward the beach, because in John's logic, if it's raining in Houston, no one would be at the beach. And he was right. Oh, it wasn't that bad. The sky cleared as we headed to Galveston, but the surf was really pounding the beach. The kids and John played in it for a couple of hours while I took pictures and kept the sandy kids off the beach towels, and it was nice that we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. The water was warm, and the weather was warm too, but not hot. John is still gloating that he was right.

On Sunday, we all went to see a Shrek 3 matinee, and then: surprise! We were on our way here on Friday afternoon when Connie called and said, "Hey, I read on your blog that you were headed to Texas... Texas is next to Louisiana... can we come see you?" Well, OF COURSE! So we've been hanging out with old friends for the past couple of days. John commented "That's blog power for you!" And the power of good friends.

Today we all went to the NASA Space Center, where we got totally drenched by rain on the tram tour first thing. Becca and I had to go back to the hotel to change- my clothes couldn't have been any wetter if I had stood in a shower. The wonders of the Astronaut training center and Saturn rocketry were totally lost on us as we huddled together trying to keep warm in the air-conditioned buildings on the tour. Afterward, the kids spent the rest of the day running around the museum and we are exhausted tonight... but it was lots of fun. Connie and family have moved on to another adventure and tomorrow, the kids are I are going to the Museum of Natural Science while John is at work. Houston has lots of free things to do, and many of the museums offer free admission on certain days and hours during the week. So we are going to mooch our way through Houston. (And, if any other friends feel like joining us...)


summer said...

dallas is only about 4 hours from houston!!! i wish i could come see you.
micah is finishing hsi last two days of school and then we head into paducah thursday after his kindergarten graduation. do you think there is any way we could see you while you are here? probably not. i hope you have fun. too bad we are so close yet not able to see you guys. i know my kids would love to see you. when do you head home? would you by any chance be coming through on i30? we live just off of it. le tm know if it is possible to catch up with you guys.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hey! Enjoy your time in our great state! We have family in Calif. so can you believe we've never taken our kids to a TX beach? We are bad, I know. It sounds wonderful! Have fun!