Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

It's Mother's Day, and I suppose it should be a natural thing that I'm exhausted... but I don't guess I can blame this on motherhood... ok, yes I can. We've been at a Youth Retreat at Reelfoot Lake this weekend, and we had a really good time. My friend Penny lost her pants during a relay race, giving us all a conversation topic for the rest of the weekend and demonstrating why teens and not moms-of-teens should be doing these relays. John introduced the camp to "The Order of the Fork", probably ensuring that we never get invited to anyone else's home for dinner again. Terry shared his wonderful testimony, and I made good headway into The History of the Ancient World, which I am reading to determine if it is a suitable spine book for the high schoolers in co-op next year. We also had wonderful weather and lots of "down" time with the other families. Unforunately, the kids did not need "down" time- even at night! So now we are all wiped out. We rushed back home this morning to be at church- three of us at the retreat were on the Praise Team this morning. Afterwards, our family went out to eat at one of my favorite places; I felt a little odd in my camp overalls, surrounded by moms in fancy clothes and corsages. But I had my kids, who were all dressed for camp as well. We were hillbillies today, but we did it together.

Tonight we have CARE group at our house, so momentarily I must go and pick up the baggage scattered from our front door across the rest of the house, and see what else I can do to make it seem as though I am much more put-together than I really am (story of my life!)

Happy Mother's Day!

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summer said...

care group on mothers day!!?? that should be against the law. i hopw the dads did the cookinga nd serving and cleaning!!! we opted for no small group this week and i was thoroughly happy with the decision. we had a nice relaxing evening after we went out for dinner at my favorite restaurant and watched a movie. it was heaven!! i'm glad you had fun at the youth retreat. it sounds like so much fun. i miss getting to do things like that. but one question, why did the schedule it on mothers day weekend? love you guys,