Monday, May 14, 2007

Today was a Joy Day, just a plain ol' happy day. The sun was shining and summer seemed spread before me like a picnic on a hillside. After John left for Texas, I headed off to the gym in spite of the guilt complex (and extra 10 pounds) I've gained over the winter months. And they were happy to see me! The lady at the front desk was glad to see me; she wondered if we had gone on an extended vacation. Don't I wish. George, the elderly man in my yoga class was glad to see me, and my yoga teacher was too. I was happy to be back among all my yoga ladies, even though my cardio workout left me winded. That's ok. I have no where else to be, because it is summer now! I stopped at the nursery on the way home and picked up a hanging basket of red Verbena for the back porch and red Impatiens for the front porch. To quote Alexander Pope, hope springs eternal, and perhaps this Verbena has a chance of making it through the summer. As I strolled leisurely through Walmart, I remembered that we had a 4-H meeting today at the ceramics shop- run home fast! We made it in time. The kids made plaques, bowls, boats, cats, lizards and horses out of clay and we return to paint them next week. All was well, and Joy Day was still on.

I decided to stop at Lowe's to buy ferns and look at wallpaper books (with all five kids) and almost ruined my Joy Day, but we survived. After a quick bite at Wendy's and a stop at PetSmart, we are home again and happy. All the kids are outside playing, except for John Mark. He is playing piano. He began with his standards from The Lord of the Rings. And then I heard something new... he is trying to play my music! I decided that this summer I would sit down and learn some of the music I've been piddling over from time to time, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy the challenge of digging into a new piece. I've been working up Solid Colors by Liz Story, and I smiled when I heard John Mark attempt a few hesitant measures. He has a way to go before he's up to this one, but I'm glad he likes it- and more power to him!

I believe Joy Day will end with watching 24 and a chick flick- after all, I don't have to share the remote tonight!- and the kitchen's still clean. It's been a good day.

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thruchildeyes said...

Happy Joy Day!