Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things to Do Between Now and Sunday Afternoon

1. Find all the parts to two choir uniforms before the choir concert on Saturday night
2. Shop/decorate/otherwise prepare for Nathanael's birthday party on Saturday afternoon
3. Clean house from at least three weeks of neglect before guests come on Saturday afternoon
4. Make noble effort to eradicate laundry piles before guests come on Saturday afternoon
5. Locate all sleeping bags and all other necessary items for family prior to co-op campout on Sunday night
6. Investigate Quilt Show Downtown
7. Get haircuts for at least three shaggy boys
8. Take Philip to optometrist to correct faulty lenses in new pair of glasses
9. Email 4-H club to make arrangements for pottery class in two weeks
10. Compile grades for all my co-op students before co-op campout on Sunday night
11. Finish grading papers for co-op students before compiling grades before campout on Sunday night
12. Pay end-of-month bills
13. Plant "my" rows in the garden, lettuce and Zinnias

That was depressingly easy... I could keep going for a while. (close eyes and chant summer is coming... summer is coming... summer is coming...)

1 comment:

janjanmom said...

My list looks so much better now. Thanks for posting, I needed that. I shall intercede for you asking for big accomplishments, laundry victory, and time stretching.