Saturday, March 10, 2007

Week in Review

Warning: this is a "Grandma Post", i.e. containing information that only Grandma will find interesting! If you proceed, consider yourself duly warned:-)

It was a good week, in spite of the fact that John was in Texas AGAIN! Here are the highlights:

On Wednesday: I arranged for a WWII veteran from our church to come and talk to my history classes at co-op. He was a radio operator in the C-47 cargo planes that flew over Europe, dropping paratroopers, gliders and supplies over battle lines. His crew dropped gliders over Normandy (after D-Day) and supplies to Allied troops at the Battle of the Bulge. The kids wanted to know things like, "Did you see any concentration camps?" and "Did you get to sail on a battleship?" He patiently answered all of their questions, and he brought pictures, French and German ration coupons, and other memorabilia from his scrapbook. He also brought German and French money he had brought home from the war, and let each of the kids choose one for themselves! You would have thought he was passing out $50 bills by the excitement in the room. I am glad they had an opportunity to experience history through the eyes of someone who was there. Our WWII veterans won't be around much longer.

Thursday: After Ladies Bible Study, I took the kids to see a community theater school matinee. One of the benefits of a small town is that we knew half the cast :-). Because piano lessons were canceled due to our broken piano, I decided to run errands: the mall (I've been waiting for Clinique Bonus Week, and I got the cutest floral powder box and a puff with a pink bow in my bonus gift!); an impromptu visit to the Opthamalogist for all five children since Philip LOST his glasses on Monday (John Mark got glasses this time, for reading, schoolwork and piano); haircuts for Ben and John Mark; a stop by the ceramics store to plan a project for 4-H; a trip to Kohl's to use my 30% off coupon; and a stop by Walmart (of course). It was a long day.

Friday: Worked on 4-H demonstration speeches for Area competition all day- and Dad came home!!!

Saturday: Becca and I worked the consignment sale clean-up- what a job! Becca worked as well as any of the women there, earning high praise from the lady in charge. John planned to take the boys fishing, only to find that the starter went out on his car, necessitating a trip to the auto-parts store instead. But here's the highlight of the day:
John and I had a crazy time running back and forth to three different rooms to see them each compete. They did a fabulous job on their presentations and we had a family grand champion sweep! They'll be competing at State in July, but for now, we are all very glad this is over!

Tomorrow, we have CARE group at our house, and we might just have a picnic to celebrate the longer days and the beautiful spring weather. Have a great Sunday!

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