Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Homeschooling High Schoolers

Tonight I went to our local homeschool support group meeting to hear some other moms share how they handled high school transcripts, testing, scholarship applications, and all the other things involved in getting our homeschooled children into college. It was a very helpful meeting, but the thing that most struck me most is that for a college-bound homeschooled student, the SAT/ACT score is of utmost importance. Start preparing early!

HSLDA has a wealth of great information available on high school planning, as well as a very professional-looking sample transcript. Although I can't offer too much personal experience with transcripts yet, I have been impressed with the new record-keeping software our family began using this year, Homeschool Minder.

In other homeschooling news, The Carnival of Homeschooling has some really interesting posts this week. A few of them especially caught my eye since they deal with college (the topic of the day around here) and history (my favorite subject!)

Barbara Frank also noted that last week, Paul Harvey put a plug in for homeschooling when he observed that top-flight colleges such as Michigan and MIT are now agressively recruiting homeschoolers. Now that's encouraging!

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