Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Blogger Birthday to Me!

One whole year- how exciting! I had no idea I would enjoy blogging this much, and I had no idea how many wonderful people are out in Bloggityville! So, to celebrate, I'd like to introduce you to a few of my blog friends.

First off, I always visit my real-life friends. Janice and Lisa have a knack for telling it like it is and making me laugh in the process! (If you are ever driving in Baton Rouge, watch out for Lisa, because she heads the mini-van police there and will blog about you if you are rude!) Sara, Summer and Leslie are Moms-in-Diapers, and are doing it with grace and style (and Summer does it without capitals!) If you need some spiritual food for thought, visit Dan at Charis. Dan and I went to LSU together way back when. He teaches at the University of Alabama in Birmingham now and has a gift for sharing God in a real-life way.

If you read these blogs, you might be able to tell that sometimes I hang out with people a lot smarter than I am. This is a good thing, because sometimes I actually learn something from them, like from Jimmy. Jimmy married Connie, my college roomate, and I know he's smart for marrying her, but other people seem to think he's smart too, because he has a PhD in Computer Something-Or-Other (from LSU- Geaux Tigers!) All this to say that sometimes Jimmy shares all that smartness with the rest of us, and he introduced me to Google Reader which I lovelovelove because it has revolutionized the blogging experience for me. Go check it out. Jimmy's blog. And Google Reader (it's very easy to use, promise!)

I love the gentle spirit of Katherine at Raising Five and the gentle Musings of Nashville grandmother Judy Thomas. If you need to start your morning with a good guffaw or two, Antique Mommy and BooMama always come through. If you like your humor laced with politics and a good dose of southern sass, go check out Nancy's Niche (and Nancy's book!) I've found homeschool and crafting kindred spirits at I Have to Say... and Blest With Sons, and I share in the laughs and insanity of having a large family with Heth at From Under the Laundry Pile (except she's more insane than I am). And finally, if you want to see the latest movie, check with Karen; her Four Kids and a Dog have probably seen it.

So, those are just a few of my favorite places in Bloggityville... go visit and say Hi! And thanks so much for your kind comments and encouragement over the past year. You've been a joy and a blessing.


Ryan and Lesli said...

You are one of my favs!! I have so enjoyed keeping up with you and your family. I think I know more about you living in TX than I did in KY! :-) I have enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Karen said...

Aww, thanks for the mention!! I love seeing what you all are up to, too. (Even though it makes me feel so lazy sometimes!)

jcallahan said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! Keep the stories coming.