Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Did It!

I accomplished one of my goals on my "100 Things About Me" list... I learned to make button holes! While Becca was working on her top at the 4-H sewing workshop this past week, I decided that I was going to work on a project too. On Friday, I announced my good news to John while we were in the car: "Guess what? Today I learned to make button holes!" He gave me a shocked look and said, "WHAT??" "I learned to make button holes," I repeated. "Oh," he said, relieved. He thought I had said something else :-).

Anyhow, those who don't sew may not understand the significance of this news, but for the wanna-be seamstress, the ability to make button holes opens up an entire new frontier of pattern possibilites. I feel so empowered! Here's a photo of the outfit I made: a pair of capris and a matching top. The top has a drawstring around the the waist that required my button holes. Are you impressed or what?

On Friday, we went to eat dinner with Lynn and Tommy. We ate at a new Chinese place called Yu's. Yu's was good. Afterwards we drove aimlessly around downtown for a while and then played dominoes until late in the night. Apparently, the downtown crowd gets together regularly to play cards and such, but John and I remarked that this was the first time in the 10+ years we've lived here that another couple has invited us to just "hang out" with them (not counting "official" church or homeschool activities). I don't know if it's because of all of our kids, or maybe people just don't like us... maybe you just have to live here for 10+ years, I don't know. We've often had people over to our house or out to lunch, and there have been a couple of times we've been invited over to someone's home for Sunday lunch or rarely, a non-Sunday dinner, but never just "come over and spend time with us." That's probably the thing we've missed most about Baton Rouge, because we had that easy friendship with several people, the kind of thing where you call your friend and say, "What's in your fridge? Here's what I have..." and you get together for an impromptu dinner and a night of dominoes. We were close to it when the Benzes lived next door, but then they moved far, far away... Anyway, we had a fun time with Lynn and Tommy and we are glad for their friendship.

John took some of the kids went exploring on Saturday, looking for backwoods campsites. They found some good-looking possibilities. He keeps trying to guilt me into this backwoods camping too... a "family" event. Yeah, right! I need running water and a bathhouse, thank you very much (and preferably a camper with heat and A/C!)

We had CARE group tonight at the White's, which is always fun. The youth group had a bonfire at Ted and Christina's. It was fun seeing the Texas crowd at church this week too! We miss you.

Up this week: John Mark's birthday, variety show rehearsal, the finale of the sewing workshop, AWANA parents night, Easter Egg Hunt, along with all the regular stuff.


janjanmom said...

We've never been let in that circle either, but just assumed you were!!! We just get the generic, oh yeah, we'll have to get together sometime...the follow through is usually us.

PLEASE, come over, anytime, hang out. We almost have complimentary sets of kids. You could teach us how to play dominoes AND...BIG AND HERE...Almost all of our dinners are impromptu!!!

summer said...

i seem to remember getting together at least twice plus the time that you and i went shopping and to the grocery. DOES THAT COUNT FOR ANYTHING???????? love you and enjoyed seeing you and your open-toed, beautiful, half grown children!
love you,

Sandy said...

I was actually referring to things John and I were invited to do as a couple... I do lots of stuff with other women, and John gets together for lunch with other guys from time to time. So, exciting though it was, our grocery adventure really falls into a category all its own! You and Bret have been one of the few here who had our family over for non-church-function dinner, and of course that counts :-). We love you guys!