Friday, March 31, 2006

In Like a Lion, Out With a Fish

Today, the last day of March, was one of the first days in March that really felt like spring- quite a change from last weekend when we got rain, hail, sleet and snow all in one trip! John stopped by the lake and went fishing after work. The fish must have been in a spring sort of mood too; he fished until he got tired of catching fish and then came home. The kids were indignant that he went without them, until they saw his catch: a 4 lb Drum, 4 Bluegill and a Sunfish. He was proud of his fish and asked if I was going to take a picture. Of course, dear. The kids danced around him while he cleaned the fish and then we had Fish n' Chips for dinner.

Tomorrow, we're cleaning the house for our new CARE group, but John promised the kids that if they worked hard and got the house clean early in the day, we would all go see Ice Age 2. It has been the topic of conversation all afternoon.

I'm celebrating the end of spring laundry this weekend by putting away all winter clothing. If it gets cold again, we'll just have to freeze. Next up: new sandals for everyone so we can throw away all the brown, holey socks! It just doesn't take much to get me excited anymore.


janjanmom said...

Erik does not read blogs!!! He told me he was teasing you. I showed him the pic of John. If he read blogs, we would fight more-hehe. Actually, he doesn't read because there is not enough info about him for it to be worth it. He is very, shall we say, self-focused.

summer said...

Fun days! i did the same thing about two weeks ago. we weekbefore the cold snap. thank goodness i saved one sweat outfit for everyone. but now i would say we are fnished with winter for good. isn't it funny how sometimes the weather is all it takes to make us happy. How gracious is the Lord to give us SPRING!!! we sill be at reidland this sunday the 9th. i look forward to seeing you all of your beautiful children (and their toes!!!)love ya,