Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Weekend

We had a houseful of kids yesterday for the Superbowl; John Mark invited Kevin & Kevin and Becca invited her friend Jordan. They were all wild. We ate chips with Chili-cheese dip; pizza and chicken wings. Unfortunately, I tried a new crock pot recipe and they were not hot wings. But still ok. It was so wild downstairs that I stayed upstairs away from all the madness and read a book.

Jordan's grandmother, Randa, has a new puppy, an Ori-Pei. It's a much smaller version of a Sharpei. Its name is Isabella Ling-Pei. Randa calls her Bella and carries her around in a front pack like a baby. Gives new meaning to "It's a dog's life"!

John didn't get anything accomplished this weekend, since he got sucked into Superbowl TV. He remained in a surprisingly good mood, considering his Colts bombed in the playoffs and then the Seahawks lost. When it rains, it pours.

Apparently, it's skunk mating season. I passed two dead ones this morning on the way back from the 4-H council officer's meeting (and I was not only on time, I was the first one there!) Last spring, a skunk died in the median in front of our neighborhood and stayed there for months until it finally disintegrated. It was rather unpleasant to leave home for a while, and apparently the vultures around here are picky about their dinner.

We got Becca's desert garden demonstration pretty much complete; now we just have to do posters and work on the speaking part. John taught John Mark how to do powerpoint so he can make the slides he'll need for his presentation. He made goofy slides about his friends instead. He's quite pleased with himself.

My hyacinths are starting to poke through the ground. They think it's spring, as do the skunks. This is ok with me as long as it doesn't start snowing in March.

We've all been looking forward to this week, since there's a break from co-op. Hopefully this will differ from my other breaks in that I'll get a lot accomplished!

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summer said...

it's definitely spring time around here. all the flowers and trees are budding! i'll be praying for no more snow for you all!