Tuesday, February 07, 2006


We’ve had our cell phone since 1999. It is black, has an antenna and does not vibrate, take pictures or play games. Cingular just discontinued the cheap-o plan we were on, so we called them to negotiate a new cheap-o plan. When we told the twenty-something Cingular Rep what type of phone we had, he laughed at us. Really! But we have no use for games, pictures and music. All I really want is a vibrate feature so the babysitter can reach us when we’re at the movies. We are anomalies in the new Wireless World Order. Sometimes we go for days without using the phone. I do not feel the need to chat with my friends at the grocery store, the dentist's office, or the dressing room. We always come in well under our 50 allotted Anytime Minutes. Our battery often dies because I forget that I have a phone. Our ringtone is… a ring. We are dinosaurs.

I went shopping last Saturday for groceries. Since we were having chili this week, I needed tomato sauce. I bought tomato paste. Fortunately, I had the sauce that I needed, but now I have a can of tomato paste I will never use. It will still be sitting in the back of my pantry two years from now. Sad.

I finally did it! I organized my Pots and Pans. Previously, you needed a hardhat and a signed waiver to venture into the depths of the pots and pans cabinet, but a tip from the newspaper saved me. I purchased two dishdrainers and managed to organize everything so that it stays organized. The best part is that my 12-year-old son, the Dishwasher Unloader Man, likes this method and uses it. Pots and Pans are easily accessible again. What joy!

The next problem is the abyss of plasticware in the other cabinet. Deep in its depths lurk bowls that have not seen their lids in a millennia or so. Despite previous attempts to organize, my son just does not see the necessity of finding the lid to the Tupperware salad bowl. I need kitchen magic- the kind that can overcome a 12-year-old's organizational apathy. Where is Mr. Clean when you need him?


janjanmom said...

The best thing I ever did with my plastic bowls and lids was get rid of 85% of them. (I HAVE NOT MISSED THEM) I also keep all lids in a drawer, unless they no longer had a bowl, then I pitched them.

I hate organizing, but it sure does make a huge difference in how things flow. Tell me more of this pans thing, nothing I do in that cabinet stays done.

Ryan and Lesli said...

I have one of those container things you get off of tv. They come in 3 different sizes, but all have the same size lids!! And it comes in a storage caddy that rotates & pulls out. My grandmother got it for me. She's a genius!

I wish we could say we are dinosaurs with our cell phones! We ended up cancelling our home phones because everyone calls our cells. Luckily most of our friends and family have the same cellphone company so it doesn't cost us any minutes when they call. Thank goodness! :)

summer said...

i, too, (like janice) got rid of almost all my tupperware at the "yardsale" you and i had. i have not missed any of it and i love how it feels to have about 8-10 peices that are various sizes. i kept more that were about 1 qt. sized as that was the size we used the most for left overs. then i have some bigger ones.
we, too, (like lesli) are planning on discontinuing our home phones when our cell phone comes up for contract renewal and we can get an appropriate plan for that. i really only use it when i go any where. i find i call to let bret know when i am on my way home or i talk to my mom when on a longer trip (like coming home form church on wednesday nights). we have so many rollover minutes, we never go over. i never had one until i moved to dallas and was afraid to be out with the kids and in a place i did not know with out some kind of phone. bret agreed and we got me added on to our plan in the first month we lived here.
good luck getting everything figured out.

Mom #2 said...

The next time there is a food drive at your church, school functions, etc. donate the can of tomato paste. Someone might know what to do with it! OR.....I used to make 'homemade from scratch" spaghetti sauce using tomato paste, in my younger days. It was delicious! So much better than Ragu or Prego. You just add water, fresh garlic, onion, fried, crumbled & drained hamburger,salt, sugar, oregano, basil and pepper to taste. Simmer uncovered for about an hour,if memory serves me right. It was Hunt's tomato paste. Might even be a receipe on the net.
I know-opening a jar is easier! :-)