Friday, February 17, 2006


Talk Meet is over- for now, anyhow. They move on to Area (regional) competition in March. But the hard part is done! Becca did a great job; she is a natural in front of people. Although he has to work much harder than his sister at being "natural", John Mark has a dynamite memory and the necessary gravitas for credibility with more complex topics. Becca is the hostess on HG-TV and John Mark is the BBC news anchor.

We were all freaking out when the 4-H projector was not compatible with the newer laptop we were trying to use, but somehow John got it to work and John Mark made it through his presentation smoothly. Apparently his topic of "Bridges" is one which people find interesting. At the end of their presentations, the kids are supposed to ask "Are there any questions?" and if they're really lucky, there are no questions. You could see a momentary look of panic cross John Mark's face when he asked for questions and hands all over the room shot up! He handled them well though, even the one from the lady who wanted to know what kind of bridge went from Miami to the Keys. Since John Mark had never seen that bridge, he had no idea! But the night was a success.

Today we finish preparing for company coming in tonight, piano rehearsal this afternoon for Philip and Becca's Graduation concert tomorrow, and a skating birthday party tonight. One day I'll be able to stop and breathe again!

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summer said...

i hope to see rebecca on hg tv one day!!!!! i'll never see john mark, since i nver wath anything bbc. hehehe i am so proud of them and i know you are too!