Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Celebrations Continue

Today we had the Co-op Valentine Party. The kids were wound up all day long with the excitement of it all, but we had a good time. In history, the Upper Elementary kids read about the California Gold Rush and then panned for gold. The JH/HS kids painted their Chinese vases. (Unfortunately, these don't look very Chinese). It was spring-like weather today, so the little guys played outside as often as they could escape.

At the last Co-op meeting, Miss Kathy helped them make the cutest boxes for their Valentines! Ben made a parrot and Nathanael made a Lion.
Tonight we had Becca's Birthday cake. On Friday, Grand-
parents, Uncle Mike and cousin Hannah are coming to visit from Indiana, and there will be an "official" party at the skating rink!


summer said...

she looks so old!!!!!!!!! i can't believe it. i still have a little girl image in my mind of her from january 2004 before we moved. i can't believe how fast kids grow. she is beautiful. let her know i miss her and love her so much.

Ryan and Lesli said...

She really is turning in to such a pretty young lady. I hope the festivities go great for her on Friday night!! Happy Birthday Becca!