Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Snow Day!

Well, sort of... it snowed last night and covered everything in a beautiful blanket of white. It disappeared by noon today, replaced by almost spring-like weather. But it was just enough for the kids to build "munchkin men" before heading to co-op this morning!

Ben and his buddy Andrew work on their geography at co-op.

Nathanael and his buddy Joseph show off the "Three Little Pigs" Puppets that they made. We had a funny time acting out the story!

Rebecca and John Mark's art class studied Japanese art.

We had a fun day. Hope you had a good one as well!


summer said...

wow! snow. and i thought it was getting cool with a high of only 55. well thats paducah vs. dallas weather. i miss snow.

Ryan and Lesli said...

Me too! I told Ryan when we got married that we could move wherever he found a job as long as I still got snow...and he moved me to Texas! How loving! ;) jk. I'm glad you all still at least get a taste of it even if you don't get it for long.