Monday, January 23, 2006


I'm late for a very important date! No time to say hello , good-bye, I'm late, I''m late, I'm late, I'm late....
I'm not sure what's happened to me lately... I woke up Sunday morning, looked at the clock and it said "7:55". That's a problem when you're supposed to be at the church building at 8:00 for Praise Team Rehearsal! I was proud of myself for making it into the building by 8:20.

But then it happened again this morning.... I was sort of dozing in bed when I get a phone call from the 4-H Extension office. Did I know about the Council meeting at 8:00 this morning? Yikes!!! Made it there (across town) by 8:45. Honestly, who plans meetings first thing in the morning on a Monday? Such things are way out of "normal" for me, but since I'm President-elect, I'm supposed to be there (hanging my head in shame). Am I losing my mind? Or is it already lost? Oh well... tomorrow is another day!

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summer said...

oh, i've just decided there is too much stuff i should really feel guilty about in my life to feel bad for being late. but, i do understand how you feel. there is no worse feeling to me than when i have dissapointed someone unintentionally and they are determined not to let me live it down. oh well! you get it right next time. at least that's what i try to say.