Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today. She's one of those unfortunate ones whose birthday falls very close to Christmas, so she's endured a lifetime of Christmas-Birthday presents and Christmas-Birthday parties. But now that the kids are all gone, I think she and my step-dad take every opportunity to party. At least, I hope so. At that point, you deserve a party!

My mom can do anything. She can hang ceiling fans, work power tools, paint pictures, hang wallpaper, make pottery, decorate a cake, sew a dress, hang shelves, pitch a tent, sail a boat, and a multitude of other things. She once caught a skunk- but that's a story for another day. If I had to choose someone to be my partner in the "Amazing Race", it would be my mom. (My mom and I would beat John and Don, our Engineer husbands, in the Amazing Race because while they were super-analyzing every situation and arguing over the most logical course of action, my mom and I would make lots of mistakes, do something really clever in the end, and finally win based on pure, dumb luck. At least, that's how I think it would go....)

People have said for years that my mom and I look alike. I never really believed them, but I think they're getting more right as I get older. My mom would agree that it has its good points and its bad points. And we have the same quirky sense of humor. My husband is a very funny person; he's always got people laughing about something. My mom isn't funny like that, but she can make me double over with laughter. Something will strike one of us funny and we'll both be rolling while our husbands look on in confusion. Maybe because we're laughing at them... (ok, really, we only laugh at them sometimes).

My mom reads good books, sings, loves God, her family and her church, loves to travel, and loves to shop. She's the only person with whom I seem to be shopping-compatible. I guess because she and my grandmother trained me. I don't see what the problem is, but my husband refuses to shop with me any more... that's probably just as well for both of us. Mom and I are in the process of training the next generation now, and Rebecca is coming along nicely.

My mom's definitely had her share of ups and downs, but has come through it all with faith, grace and style. I'm glad to be like her.

I love you mom- Happy Birthday!


summer said...

your do look alike and nathanael looks like you as a baby (if that was you as a baby in the first picture.) at least exaclty as i remember him. we shopped once and did pretty well together. speed shopping through dillards (while both finding a good deal and buying it), and in our own directions at the grocery. we were back at home before the boys could complain too much. i had a lot of fun that night. it was realy my first girls night out away from the kids i can remember. now i take those most every saturday morning from whenever i get up till lunchtime. a girls got to have her time! love ya,

janjanmom said...

I agree, that could easily be passed off as you and Nathanael -hair way different though ( ;

What a lovely tribute to your mom. I hope she had a great birthday.