Friday, January 06, 2006

Good Things

Gray, dreary January days. I like having a nice, gray day every now and then- days perfect for curling up for a nap and listening to the rain; days that ask for hot tea and and a warm blanket; days ideal for a good book and Bach. But not every day! This gal needs *sunshine* in order to thrive! tells me that tomorrow should be "mostly sunny", but then, it is also telling me that today is "partly cloudy." Oh well...

In years past, I would make lists of happy things to cheer myself up when I was in a slump, so to counteract the January blues, here's my sunny list of "good things":

Freshly bathed, pajama-clad children
A great yard sale
Snow Days
My yoga class
A new Beth Moore Bible study
Sunsets in winter
Bacon and eggs for breakfast
A freshly mulched garden
Hyacinths in the spring
Really good leftovers for dinner
Watching the scale move downward
A Reader's Digest in the mail
church potlucks
A new book from a favorite author
Watching a thunderstorm on the porch
All the laundry done and put up
Hearing "our" song on the radio
Date night!

And speaking of date night... we're having one tonight! Yea!! I feel better now. I'll have to add more to my list later. What would you add to the list?


    Ryan and Lesli said...

    You made me feel better & it is sunny here. Matter of fact, it doesn't even feel like winter. I LOVE sunny days, but there is something good about the gloomy winter ones!

    Here are a few of mine:
    smell of the 1st "spring" day
    1st morning of a vacation
    dinner at sunset

    Thanks for sharing yours! You brightened my day!


    janjanmom said...

    Hot bubble baths in a quiet house.

    summer said...

    hmm, i love
    -the first 15 minutes after i've got mine all snuggled in bed and its quiet!
    -sonic route 44 dr. pepper on a texas summer day!
    -sitting in my house after completeing that "spring cleaning,"
    -seeing i have a comment on my blog :-)
    -having friends over for dinner and a game.
    -hearing my kids pray
    this was fun. thanks for getting me focused on the positive!