Monday, October 11, 2010

Daybook for October 11

Daybook for October 11, 2010:

Outside my window... a beautiful sunny fall day, even if it's on the too-warm side

I am thankful... that my parents have closed on a house right down the road! We love having them here, and they help me so much. They kids are excited that they have bought a house with a pool. The only bad thing is that they are close enough for the kids to easily get there on their own, but they have to cross a four-lane road to do it- Yikes!

I am wearing... my 4-H T-shirt (because I'm leading the 4-H Club Meeting later this afternoon) and my new jeans that I got for 25¢ at a yard sale on Saturday: SCORE! I can shop every store at the mall and not find jeans that fit right, so it's a big thrill to find some in a yard sale.

In the learning room... Co-op break was Friday, but the kids (supposedly) went ahead and finished their school assignments for this week. We'll see. Ben is upstairs doing his math on the computer, and Becca is supposed to be doing her math too, but is more likely on Facebook. John Mark is supposed to be doing his math but is preparing the club activity for the 4-H meeting instead.

I am remembering... that my sister's birthday is at the end of the month. She is finishing her medical residency this year and still remembers to send us cards for our birthdays, and I'm always late with hers. Sigh.

I am going... to the AT&T store tonight to pick up my new iPhone! One of the Kindergartners spilled a cup of water inside my purse (!) and killed my old cell phone. Since our contract was up for renewal anyway, and our area FINALLY got 3G a couple of months ago, John decided we should just go ahead and get the new iPhones. Yay!

On my mind... all the things I have to do this week! The Christian school where I'm subbing is on break this week, so I have four days in which to accomplish many things: finish moving John Mark into his new room, change the family over from summer clothes to winter clothes, complete as many of my co-op lessons as possible, get Philip started on his science fair project, help John Mark move his budget over to an envelope system...

From the kitchen... leftover hamburgers and hotdogs from the cookout yesterday. Mmmmm!

Around the house... we hosted our small group at our house this weekend, so John cleaned up the yard and powerwashed the porches. They're nice and clean for now, but I heard him fussing at a spider who dared to spin a new web on his spotless front porch.

One of my favorite things... my small town's BBQ Festival. It is one of my favorite events of the year, and this year John and I went on Thursday night... and Friday night... and Saturday! It was fabulous.

From my camera...

with vocabulary...

and Rachmaninoff...

and especially math!

Even the cat is frustrated.


Karen said...

I think you will love your phone. My 3G was acting up (shutting down randomly, not holding a charge), so we replaced it last weekend with an iPhone 4. I've been very pleased with it.

I am actually missing homeschooling. It has been nice having the kids home last week and this week too (fall break), even though all they've done is play WoW on the computer, watch TV, and play video games.

And YAY for having parents nearby!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh wow! Congrats to your parents (and to you)!

~Stephanie said...

"change the family over from summer clothes to winter clothes" . . . rejoicing that I no longer have to do this for anybody but ME!!!

And frustration with . . . Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# minor . . . maybe the most difficult piece of music I ever ATTEMPTED to learn!