Monday, November 09, 2009

Daybook for November 9

FOR TODAY November 9...

Outside my window... Our maple trees are finally thinking about turning yellow. They're always such Johnny-come-latelies. Philip did manage to rake a large pile yesterday-- for entertainment purposes, of course!
I am pondering... the passage of the Health Care bill by the House. I had hoped they could delay it until next year, but now it seems on its way to reality... and it scares me.
From our studies... Philip and Ben are reading about Lewis & Clark, and there is currently jar of an unidentified red liquid on my kitchen counter that the boys tell me is for making crystals. Considering the number of times the jar has been shaken, stirred, moved and otherwise disturbed, I can't imagine what exactly will be coming out of that jar, but it should be interesting.
From the kitchen... BBQ Chicken in the crockpot tonight, so something will be ready when we get back from the 4-H meeting. 4-H meetings wear me out!
I am thinking... that John and I had a great time on our bicycle ride Saturday morning! I'm pretty sure I was in college the last time I rode a bike any distance, but he started riding this summer as an alternative to his daily walks. He tried to talk me into walking with him this weekend since Becca, his regular walking partner, was gone to a youth rally, but we finally settled on biking. He let me ride his bike, which has a more comfortable seat, but I still have a sore tush today!
I am going... to take the kids to 4-H this afternoon, and we have some exchanges to make at Kohls, since it's by the 4-H office.
I am reading... Finished The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks last night and rather liked it, in spite of the fact that he killed off another one of his characters!
I am hoping... that the cold weather will come back. I think October and November got mixed up somehow.
I am hearing... What Child Is This? played by Benjamin. Over and over. And over again. And then I'm sure Philip will practice O Holy Night. Over and over. And over again. They are practicing for the piano recital in December, and December just can't come soon enough.
Around the house... we still have remnants of Halloween that must be put back in storage... usually this happens about the time I'm pulling out the Christmas decorations. But we hosted Care group last night, and things are reasonably clean again!
One of my favorite things... A quiet house, with no one home but me. Saturday was a beautiful day, so after our bike ride, John took Nathanael fishing out at the dam. The three older kids were at the youth rally, and Ben, who is not much of an outdoorsy kind of kid, went to play at the neighbor's. I had the house all to myself for about three fabulous hours... ahhhh. It's a rare, wonderful thing.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Just the normal activities this week, but then, I said that last week, forgetting that six of us had dentist appointments all Tuesday afternoon, and a Gen J meeting for the high schoolers, and a parents meeting at choir. Who knows what I'm forgetting this week?
I am thankful for... good friends! I ran my first 5K at the end of September, and my friend Penny offered to run with me. I didn't think it would matter whether I had anyone running with me, but in the end, I was really happy to have her support and encouragement. We ran a good race together!

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Kerry said...

Sandy - I totally hear you about getting halloween decorations put away around the time you are pulling out the Christmas ones. I'm slow to clear out the old for some reason!

Have a wonderful week!

Stephani said...

One of my goals is to compete in a 5K! I have a long way to go though. I'm just getting started with it. Hopefully someday. . .

E.T.'s Mom said...

So true about the October/November weather.

Best of luck making it to that December recital.

So impressive that you ran a 5K.

A Gracious Home said...

I love your picture. My daughter and son in law run in all those races. I can't run because of health problems. Leaves are fun to play in. I hope you have a great week. Doylene