Saturday, November 01, 2008

November Again

I love November! But I think I say that every November. October is beautiful, and there are lots of fun things to do, but it's painfully busy. November is busy too, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel: co-op winter break! And I love the anticipation of the holidays. Miss Kim brought Christmas music to piano lessons this week, to prepare for the recital in December. I'll soon be hearing much more Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Carol of the Bells, and Joy to the World than any person should have to endure.

Last night after a pumpkin-carving rush job and trick-or-treating, John built a fire in the backyard and he and the little boys roasted hot dogs. Becca and I joined them for S'mores. John Mark is working at a campaign in Nashville until Tuesday afternoon with his Gen J civics club, and Philip left last night on a road trip with his best bud's family, so it's been pretty quiet around here today.

Today was not November-ish weather at all, with sunny skies and a high in the mid-70's, but it was perfect for John to work on his projects outside. He's been processing deer meat for the past two days (gross!), but today he took some time to fix up a basketball goal that our neighbor gave us, and then he and a friend took it over to our church building. The co-op kids will be so excited!

My mom and Daddy D have gone back to Florida. Sigh. Yesterday I helped her clean the duplex, and then we saw them off. I am very sad... it's like reverse empty-nest. They left us boxes of food, cleaning supplies and other miscellany that they didn't have room to lug home, so I've been trying to find places for everything. And hopefully, they will return soon. I have to admit though, that sitting out on the lanai watching the morning sun rise over the water has a certain appeal...

We ended the day at a friend's birthday party, and now off to bed, snuggled under a warm blanket with open windows. And hooray for an extra hour tonight! I love November.

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