Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So the school year is well underway now, and the first co-op meeting went very smoothly, in spite of a last minute tummy ailment in one child that threatened to derail several classes in one fell swoop. In other news:
  • We were all very happy when GranMartha and Daddy D returned from Florida, where they had been babysitting for my stepbrother and his wife Julie, who were in China. Julie works for one of the Olympic sponsors and will have been there for a month by the time this is all over.
  • The garden desperately needed Daddy D's attention, and he has been very busy freezing corn and making tomato sauce and salsa with the tomatoes and peppers
  • John, JM, Becca and I went to the wedding of the season- just beautiful!- on Friday night, and then
  • on Saturday, John's parents came into town. John took them tubing and fishing, Daddy D fed us all an Italian feast after church on Sunday, and then they left Monday morning
  • The kids did double-time on their schoolwork Monday, John took a day of vacation, and we took yesterday off to play at the waterpark. All the kids in this area are in school so we had the place pretty much to ourselves, which is just the way we like it! The weather was perfect, and GranMartha joined us in time for a picnic lunch (well, actually, she brought 3/4 of the picnic) and that evening, Daddy D and GranMartha treated us to pizza at Gattiland. Fun, fun day!
  • And today, co-op again.

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~ Stephanie. said...

The wedding of the season? Wow. We thought it was pretty fabulous . . . thanks for being part of it with us!