Sunday, September 07, 2008

Events and Observations

Oh where to start? I've been such a bad blogger that I'm not only reduced to bullet points, I'm reduced to... um, close to a month's worth of bullet points. But you still love me, right?
  • So my mom and I had a girl's night out and went to see "Mama Mia". The gorgeous scenery made the movie worth it, but over all, it was just a little more Abba anyone should have to endure within a single two-hour time span. We went to IHOP afterwards for strawberry-banana pancakes, and it was a very good thing.
  • We loved the Olympics this year! I am a little sad and very relieved that they are over, but I am very happy to have my evenings back- just in time for the Conventions. Yes, I watched them, and actually enjoyed it. I figured I'd better stay on top of things for the discussion in my high school government class, and the kids just have no idea what an interesting year they drew for an in-depth look at our political system.
  • Mom, Becca, JM and I have been to the big fall consignment sale, and can I just say that clothes shopping with two teens ranks right up there with having a root canal. We had to recover over chocolate shakes and fries.
  • Co-op has had its first break of the year, and we have definitely worked hard. I was so excited to get to break week so I could tackle the laundry room and all the clothing issues we have going on in our house... and I got sick. Not sick enough to take me completely out, just sick enough to feel like dirt most of the week. The laundry room still awaits. Sigh.
  • Saturday was the first Upward flag football game, and we had made-to-order football weather: cool and a bit overcast. I had to send JM back to the house to get me a sweater! All the practices and games are held in the fields at the end of our street, and sports just don't get any easier than this. It's the way it ought to be.
  • CARE groups started again this afternoon (finally, some real-time information!) and it was so great to get together again. I love our group! We have a camping trip, Oktoberfest and a Thanksgiving celebration planned for the fall.
  • When AWANA begins this Tuesday, we'll be back in full fall swing: co-op, children's and youth chorus, AWANA, 4-H, Generation Joshua, Teen Council, piano for five, and football. And John wonders why the house is not clean.
  • Speaking of John, he and Becca have been going out early every morning now for over two months. Her friend's dad had talked about getting the girls to do track together, but none of the schools will let our homeschoolers run with their teams. So, John walks and Becca walks/runs to train for one of the local 5K runs instead. She has worked up to running 2 miles, and they have lots of father-daughter time that I think they both really enjoy.
  • Tomorrow, our second 4-H meeting which may or may not be complete chaos due to the sheer number of kids who may or may not show up. I'm planning for all contingencies and hoping for the best! We're doing bike safety and everyone is supposed to bring their bike and helmet. Ben may get stuck with Becca's old girl bike, because he outgrew his bike and John Mark's old bike has brake issues. Poor guy. It'll be a character-building experience.
  • And that would be all for now... well, you know what I mean. I'll try to be a better blogger. Really. I will. I'll try... remember, you said you loved me, right?

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janjanmom said...

Yes, I do love you!! Even if you forsake your blog at times...just don't forsake it forever.

Lilly to Erik after 4H meeting:

"4H is the coolest thing EVAH!!"