Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Things

A few Good Things from the past couple of weeks:

  • Father's Day with your father (or step-father!)
  • Fresh-picked blueberries (and even better if the blueberry patch is full of friends as well as blueberries!)
  • VBS
  • Bach and Beethoven
  • Shoulder-high corn and squash gone crazy
  • Fair Ribbons, Fair Food, and Fair Rides on a perfect summer night
  • Kid theater productions
  • The Downtown Farmer's Market
  • Drive-in movies
  • Good Grillin' by Daddy D
  • Summer afternoons out on the lake

  • We've had a really fun couple of weeks! On Father's Day, (here are the kids with Daddy D on Father's Day, and even Copper-the-Dog smiled for the picture!), John bought a tube for the kids and we took a picnic to the lake for a couple of lazy afternoons on the boat. And a warning for all tubers: when John drives the boat, his main goal is to send you OFF the tube and into the water, which is a total thrill to all the boys in the family (the girl, notsomuch) so hang on tight!

    We ended the week with a trip to see Indiana Jones at the Drive-in, but either I was really tired or it was really boring because I fell asleep three times in my camp chair, and every time I woke up, they were still chasing... still chasing... still chasing... but the cheeseburgers were wonderful!

    This past week was Mom's Taxi Week. I drove back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and forth to VBS for the two little boys and John Mark, who always signs up to work games with the little kids, and then back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and forth downtown for Becca and Philip, who had auditioned for a Children's Theater Production of Sleeping Beauty. Becca was a fairy and Philip was a cool court musician, and in one week these kids put together a pretty impressive little musical. They were doubly excited to get to do their production at the big symphony hall! Here are the court musicians:

    And the fairies (who had already flipped their costumes from Medieval to Fifties Dolls):

    And in the middle of all that, I've blueberry-pickin'; we've all been to the fair, where Nathanael was finally old enough to ride the BIG rides for the first time; John, John-Mark and Daddy D have been fishin' fools; and we've enjoyed the firstfruits (or first-squashes, first-radishes, first-peppers and first-lettuces) from the garden. Did I mention that I love June?


    E.T.'s Mom said...

    Amen to the lake, the squash, and the blueberries. The rest of it sounds great, too!

    summer said...

    have you ever read any of karen kingsbury's novels? you should read her firstborn series. i think you would like it. it is christian fiction, completely recreational reading, but i think you would really relate to the people and story line. so glad you're having a great summer!