Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day '08

I had such a fabulous Mother's Day! It actually started on Saturday when John took me and the little boys out to breakfast at IHOP and then shopping... at the jewelry stores! I am really not much into jewelry because I am too casual to wear the stuff that really catches my eye. But John decided a while back that he was going to get me a mother's ring with each of our children's birthstones. At the fifth store, we finally found and ordered the perfect ring. John Mark and Nathanael cost the most money because their birthdays are in April, which means diamonds! But I didn't choose the ring with the big settings- my ring is simple and pretty. John almost never purchases me jewelry, so when he does, it's a really special thing.

The poor little boys were bored out of their minds during our day-long trek however, but they endured it with only minor complaints. On Sunday, we had a wonderful church service which proved that our guys are basically big softies under those rough-and-tough exteriors. Each man who talked about his wife or mom had a hard time holding it together. If I didn't love our preacher so much, I would tease him about almost ruining my day with his Proverbs 31 sermon, otherwise known as The Guilt Chapter. After church, we ate at my favorite buffet downtown, and we all went back home where GranMartha and I opened gifts. GranMartha had taken the kids to the mall earlier in the week to shop for me, and they purchased a denim vest and a tee shirt at my favorite clothing store, as well as an array of gifts from Bath & Body Works. They did such a good job! Becca, Nathanael, Ben and Philip made me cards, and Philip added sweet poetry. I teased my oh-so-rational engineer husband, "This is what a love note sounds like!" GranMartha asked John Mark if he was going to make me a card too and he huffed, "Don't you think I'm old enough to purchase a card now??" So he did. Enjoy those sweet hand-made cards while you can! In his card, he wished me a "Happy 15th Mother's Day." Tempus fugit. I read all my cards out loud to the kids, and finally I came to John's card. After I read it, Ben exclaimed, "We shopped all day for THAT???" He thought that's all we had purchased the day before, and it was totally not worth it! Too funny.

John sent me and my mom out shopping while the rest of the family cooked and cleaned and mowed for CARE group. That was a huge gift, but I think it nearly overwhelmed John because he seemed slightly panicked by the time we returned. During Bible study that night, the guys redeemed the Proverbs 31 Guilt Lesson by sharing things they love about their wives as mothers. It was so sweet, and afterward, my mom joked, "I am so glad this day is over- no more crying men!" They love us. I am blessed.


~ Stephanie. said...

I love crying men . . . well, I love when our usually rough and tough men show their emotions. Makes me melt.

Sounds like a great mother's day!

Lesli said...

I completely agree with Stephanie!! John's words on Sunday was such a sweet tribute to you. It made me cry!! I'm glad you had such a special weekend!

janjanmom said...

I don't like jewelry, but I do look forward to a nice mother's ring someday. Congrats on yours-be sure to show it to me as I will never notice/remember but I want to see it!!

You and John constantly inspire Erik and I. I love you all!