Friday, April 11, 2008

The Nap

Today, the 6-year-old and I have been reading. The story of Peter's bad puppy, Rover, followed by a book about all the different things one could possibly see on a vacation just wore us both plumb out. He was already curled next to me on the arm of my Lazy Boy (does that make it a Lazy Girl?) and when I stretched out, he stretched out as well- on top of me. I felt a nap coming on, and it seemed that he did too. "Do you need a nap?" I asked him. "NO!" he said. "OK then, we'll just rest." And we did- for a whole 45 minutes, while the brothers shushed each other in the background so I wouldn't wake up and interrupt their clandestine computer game. It's been, oh, about four years since my baby last stretched out on my shoulder for a nap, and this time he went from shoulder all the way to my foot. I'm pretty sure neither one of us drooled, and when we awoke from our slumber, he got up and went to the potty all by himself- one of the major accomplishments of the past four years. Except for the crick in my neck and one numb foot, a nap with a six-year-old is a very nice thing.


Jenny said...

I can remember those days! I miss them, I think!!


thruchildeyes said...

Alright well, that's enough to make me tear up.