Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Things

  • Last week of co-op: Yeee-HA!
  • Brooke White made it through another week of American Idol! I love Brooke, but I don't think she'll make it much farther. I like David Archuletta too, but I'm ready to buy Brooke's first album right now.
  • My parents are here for the summer! They have rented a cute duplex nearby, and we have been helping them move in this weekend. My mom brought boxes of pictures, her serger and sewing machine, 50 lbs of clay and her paints- we have many plans for the next several weeks. Daddy D brought his boat, his jigsaw and his golf clubs, so the guys have many plans as well.
  • My mom and I took a road trip today to pick up the dining room suite which my grandmother gave me. My brother met us half way and drove the rest of the way with us to help move it. The suite has been in my Uncle Johnny's basement, but it's too nice to go in my house with messy and careless little boys. Uncle Johnny has been gently reminding me that he would really like to have his basement back, and we can put it in the duplex for now. One major thing off the "to-do" list! We stopped in to see Granny while we were in town, and although she was tickled to see us, tonight she won't remember that we came.
  • I got a super price at an online auction for two levels of the math Philip and Becca are using. Now if only I could find John Mark's... I'd be set for the next two years!
  • John finally got the new computer purchased and set up for the children's ministry at church. (We highly do NOT recommend Windows Vista- frustration, frustration!) But another major thing done.
  • John and I have a vacation in the works! We're using points from all the travel he did last year. We considered Hawaii, but decided to save that for a longer trip later. We considered going out west, but since we don't have a full week, we figured we really didn't want to spend two whole days of our trip in airports and airplanes, so... it's the East Coast. We were planning on going to Newport, but we didn't get the plans made in time, so the current plan is Washington D.C. I lived there for two years in high school and have Been There and Done That, but John hasn't. Besides, I've always wanted to go to Mt. Vernon, and I'd love to take him to see my high school haunts. The plane tickets aren't purchased yet, so I guess we still have options. I'm just too tired to entertain the thought of a "walking" vacation right now. A book by the pool or a cabin in the mountains sounds much more relaxing, but by June, I'll be ready for an adventure.
  • The last of the school-year activities are winding down! AWANA ended the first week in April and the Children's Chorus concert is next Sunday. After the last Generation Joshua meeting and then the piano recital, we will be done until it all starts again in August. But we won't think about August right now.
  • John got his garden plowed and it's ready for planting. He purchased a teenage slave servant at the camp fundraiser at church with this job in mind. I love the look and the feel of freshly turned soil- it always seems to promise wonderful things!
  • Garage sale season is starting again, and I love a good garage sale! Of course, I have yet to find a good garage sale this season, but I know it's coming. I can feel it. I love spring!

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Karen said...

I never used to get so excited about the end of the school year until my oldest started school away from home. Now I cannot wait.

Glad you all are having fun making plans for your summer!