Thursday, February 07, 2008

Winter Blahs

This coming week is break week for co-op. I am so thankful for breaks- just when I think "I can't TAKE this any more!" we get a break. Unfortunately, I have a lot on my mind with planning for next year and, as the de facto organizer for the co-op, I usually end up on the receiving end of everyone's complaints and problems. Sigh. Some days I want to go back to the good old days of tripping happily through life and letting someone else be in charge. Did I mention I was thankful for this break?

I am so bummed that Papa Murphy's pizza closed. I can never go back to Dominoes or Papa John's.

On the bright side, there is a scrapbooking night at church tomorrow night, and I am so behind on my pictures. It's been several months since I've even ordered prints from Snapfish. I love the idea of digital scrapbooking, but it is so darn expensive to print the pages that I am still stuck in the Dark Ages of photo splits and die cuts. But I love a good scrap night, with some yummy snacks, laughter with friends, and hopefully, lots of completed pages.

Tonight, I am going out to dinner with John. I am crazy about that man, in spite of the fact that he makes me insane some days. He is my absolute best friend in the whole world. I've never had scads of girlfriends the way some women do. I am private, I enjoy spending time by myself, and I just don't need the talk-time that other women seem to need (to my husband's relief). Even when I was young, I always had just one or two "best friends." Sometimes I'm envious of the relationships that other women have with each other, where they just call up and go out to dinner or a movie together, but I wouldn't trade a bit of that for having a husband as a best friend. So anyway, we're going to dinner tonight, and I am looking forward to spending a fun winter evening with my very most favorite person on this earth. I am a blessed woman.


~ Stephanie. said...

Enjoy your dinner . . . and conversation with your friend. Girlfriends are wonderful, but a good marriage wins out every time.

Lesli said...

My mom & I are going to be scrapbooking, too!! See you there!

thruchildeyes said...

You are a blessed woman. I'm inspired that you are best friends with your husband. And I am devouring those magazines you passed my way. God is teaching me, inspiring me, challenging me, Thank you.