Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Things

Here's my random list of this week's Things to Be Happy About:

*Our co-op went to the school matinee of Annie yesterday, followed by lunch at Pizza Inn and a whirlwind school day in which no one learned much of anything. It was fun.

*Last night, the entire family stood out on the front porch bundled in coats and blankets and howled at the lunar eclipse. What an awesome sight!
(the moon, silly, the moon was awesome...)

*The ice has returned! It's like a divine intervention from God saying, "STAY HOME." Of course, we have not experienced the loss of power, cable, etc. that many others in the area have... that's a happy thing too!

*Ice Days and a backlog of great books to read are good companions

*American Idol is back! Our family enjoys watching it together and John has made our computer into some sort of wireless T Vo, so we don't have to skip Wed night church to watch it. (Just kidding... maybe...)

*I received a box in the mail full of fab ebay purchases earlier this week: three skirts and a really cute top, all for $29 including shipping. Love 'em!



thruchildeyes said...

Man, you're on a roll.

janjanmom said...

TBC...does this mean there are even more happy things?? I can barely contain my excitement for you!!

That first was was absolutely true...we were merely going through the motions and everybody knew it!