Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Rubbermaid Explosion

Friday night: The Rubbermaid Explosion

Saturday night: Whew!
We had a deadline: Sunday lunch at our house for our CARE group- AACK!- otherwise it's possible I may never have been motivated enough to get it all out this year since we will be on the road for the holiday. This is one of the fastest Christmas box turn-arounds we've ever had!

Notice the choir uniforms slung over the back of the couch in the top photo. They were the source of much wailing and gnashing of teeth in our household on Thursday night as we searched in desperation for two sets of red cummerbunds and bow ties. I was most dismayed with the prospect of being the only choir mom to report to the Lady-In-Charge at the performance on Saturday morning, "My kids have lost their uniforms!" I was even more dismayed with the prospect of having to purchase two more sets of cummerbunds and bow ties, but after a grueling two-hour house turnover, they were discovered at the bottom of a shopping bag in the laundry room. Like the Biblical woman who found the lost coin, there was much rejoicing, along with a finder's celebration at Sonic. And now, the house is clean and semi-decorated- a happy benefit of hosting CARE group. I am feeling much more merry!


Lesli said...

I learned this year that you have to watch it when you put things up quickly!! When I got finished with the tree, there was one branch left! Oops! Ryan said thank goodness I'm not a surgeon! Anyway, we can't figure out where the branch goes. So, I'm not worring about it!!

~ Stephanie. said...

"There was much rejoicing!"

I love those moments of panic-turned-to-relief when the crisis is averted! The tree looks great, too!

thruchildeyes said...

Very impressive turn around!

Sisterlisa said...

I am so sorry your tree is so complex. But is sure looks great! two years ago we saved a bit of money and after Christmas bought a new tree from Martha Stewart at Kmart. best thing we could have done. You did a good job onyours. Merry Christmas!

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