Friday, December 14, 2007


Earlier this week, the kids sang at the Governor's Inauguration. I went along for the ride because I enjoy watching history take place, even when it involves the wrong political party. It turned out to be rather a prestigious invitation; although there were many bands and other groups across the state that took part in the parade, our chorus was one of three groups that actually performed as part of the ceremonies. They sang the prelude music as people were coming in and taking their seats. It was televised, so the kids had fun watching themselves later that night.

This was probably the scariest bus ride I've ever had in my entire life however, and I've taken many, many bus trips over the years. Bus #2 was driven by a totally incompetent driver who hit a light post, got stuck in the mud and almost couldn't get out again, hit a gas pump and almost knocked it off the foundation, and later, hit a car in a parking lot! We all had to wait for the police to come and fill out their reports. Becca, Philip and I were on the other bus, but just watching all this was scary enough. While I am pleased to know that one can hit a gas pump and not have it burst into flames (something I had always wondered), for the first time in my life, I found myself checking the emergency exits and trying to figure out how to get the windows open just in case. We were very thankful to make it home safely and it was plenty of adventure for one week!


janjanmom said...

Sounds like we missed alot of fun!!

The Tour Marm said...

Inaugurations are fun! I'm gearing up for the 2009 in Washington, DC. where it usually is bitterly cold.

To answer a question you posed to me: There aren't many instances of the v for u in this area. I know that the statue of Edmund Burke on Massachusetts Avenue has his name as Edmvnd Bvrke, but that was a gift from England. (You might want to read some of his writings and speeches i.e. Speech on conciliation with America, March 22, 1775.

I'm looking into the Library of Congress and other places. I'll ferret whatever I can, but it might take a bit of time.

This is the sort of challenge I like!