Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Concert '07

Today was the Children's Christmas Concert with the Symphony. The kids did a really nice job, but the orchestra music was a little too highbrow for a kid's concert. I wish the director would choose music that was more kid-friendly and Christmasy, considering the fact that the program is called "A Child's Christmas." I complain only on my blog however, because I don't want to be in charge! But how cool is it to have an entire symphony back up your singing when you're 12 years old?

There was supposed to be a candy cane hunt out on the square afterwards, but it was canceled due to rain, so we went to DQ for lunch with a new family in our church whose daughter is also in the chorus. I love days when you unexpectedly meet a new friend!

Tonight we are having a turkey dinner because the cooking bug bit me at Walmart earlier in the week and now I have a turkey breast that must be made, along with all the fixins'. I will coax the kids into getting the house company-clean by threatening to turn off the Christmas movie marathon they've been enjoying all afternoon. You're a mean mom, Mrs. Grinch...

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